Day for Night, 2023

Day for Night is the term in American cinematography for the technique of filming and editing scenes shot during the day to appear as though they occur at night time. We thought this was a perfect title for this new hybrid that presents a familiar scene yet one that appears inverted like the diurnal / nocturnal Metal Haze / Sensi Star and the warm chill out of Sunshine Daydream.

The metal haze sense star selection has a kind euphoric effect that can give way to extended and generative thinking. The Sunshine Daydream male leans toward the stretch indica Bubbashine side and lends some color, a buttery coating of resin and a recombination of aromas and flavors ranging from mint to more savory culinary herbs, garlic butter and floral notes. These plants are easy to grow and are very middle of the road in their habits and demands. Respect to Bodhi and Doc D for creating the Sunshine Daydream and Metal Haze / Sensi Star hybrids.

(Metal Haze x Sensi Star) x Sunshine Daydream
Packs of 12 regular seeds

Indoor / Outdoor
75 days
Edition of 100

Please email to purchase or for additional information.
Shipping within the USA only.

Garage Publishing, 2023