It's Always Sunny in Panama (Year End Mix), 2023

Deep, dark, musky incense wood with a citric edge, Panama Red is an old school killer. Long lasting psychedelic NLD effects that creep up on you yet aren't too racy or unbridled. We chose to use a broader range of Panama Red plants than we typically use for selections (4 in total) because they each represented something special within this old BCO Panama line that we really cherish. We've blended seeds from the various mothers for the broadest range of expressions, but we're happy to provide seeds from specific individuals upon request. The Sunshine Daydream male leans toward the stretch indica Bubbashine side and lends extra color, a buttery coating of resin and a recombination of aromas and flavors ranging from mint to more savory culinary herbs, garlic butter and floral notes that should pair really well with those of the Panama. This f1 hybrid is something we're looking forward to seeing people grow out and enjoy - a free year end gift for the community.

We love the TV series "It's Always Sunny..." and chose to repurpose the title for this cross. We're also using Doc D's far out "It's Always Sunny" work including Ass Kickers United (Zamaldelica / RKS x Headbanger) in some skunky projects for early 2024, so this is a bit of a segue within the garden.

Panama Red x Sunshine Daydream
Packs of 12 regular seeds

Outdoor / Indoor
90 days
Edition of 1,000

Please email to purchase or for additional information.
Shipping within the USA only.

Garage Publishing, 2023